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Guided Tours and Sightseeing

Historic Site Spellman McLaughlin House
Historic Site Spellman McLaughlin House

One of the best ways to embark on a Cayman Brac adventure is to take a guided tour with a ‘Bracka’. Whether you do an Island Tour with one of our Tour Operators or a FREE Nature Tour with our trained Nature Tourism Guides, you will definitely see things you wouldn’t on your own — from the diverse range of flora, fauna and wildlife species to the geographic and cultural highlights that give the island its unique character.

Island Tours

Island Tours are offered to anyone wishing to see Cayman Brac for all its worth – and that’s a lot! Licensed Taxi/Tour Operators escort you in their air conditioned coaches through the streets of Cayman Brac, stopping at points of interest that will spark intrigue regardless of interest. A regular tour is approximately two hours and costs about CI$40.00. Along the way you’ll play audience to the colourful history of these islands and be told many stories, making the experience one you’ll share over and over again with family and friends. Be sure to listen carefully and you’ll be able to pick up on our ‘accent’— it can create the most vivid of stories.

The above mentioned tours are conducted through:

Carter Taxi & Tours
+1 (345) 923-5494    
Mossy Taxi & Tours
+1 (345) 939-9517    
Terry's Taxi & Tours
+1 (345) 928-1237    

Nature Tours

FREE nature tours conducted by our Nature Tourism Guides offer a more in-depth look at some of the hidden treasures you can only find off the beaten path. With this free service, you have the flexibility to customize your tour depending on your likes and dislikes — so you’re bound to find something interesting on your adventure.

Egret at Westerly Ponds
Egret at Westerly Ponds

Tour options include
(but are not limited to):

  • Birding
  • Caving
  • Cayman Brac Museum
  • Heritage House
  • Hiking/Nature Trails
  • Historic Sites
  • Lighthouse/Bluff Views
  • Parrot Reserve
  • Ponds/Wetlands

More Information

If you would like more information on our FREE tours, email us at or call 345-948-2222 ext 4420.  You can also contact Nature Cayman through our Contact Us page.  Free tours are available Monday - Saturday.

Other Brac Attractions

Perhaps you are interested in activities that highlight or showcase a more in-depth experience into the Caymanian Culture. You want to learn about the way Brackers live, where we came from, or things uniquely Caymanian – this can be done through two venues.

The oldest museum in the Cayman Islands – Cayman Brac Museum, creates a window into our past through its motto of “Keeping in touch with the past.”.  Intriguing displays and exhibits on turtling, ship-building, home life, medical advancements and much more allow visitors and locals to relive the history of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  Many of the artefacts have been loaned to the Museum by the local community.  Some of these artefacts date back a few thousand years.  The building itself is an important part of the history and growth of Cayman Brac.  It is located in the capital of Stake Bay.  Admission to the museum is free and souvenirs are available for sale.

Our Cayman Brac Heritage House showcases displays and events depicting Caymanian heritage and culture and well as works of our talented Caymanians.  The architecture is a replica of an old Caymanian house with its traditional wrap-around verandah.  Also found on the estate are the orginal tanning vats, 'old-time well' and a cave.  The House has become a prime location for various local events including weddings.  The Heritage House is located in North East Bay.

Both of these places provide the opportunity to take back something with you that will be a lasting reminder of your unforgettable visit to Cayman Brac.

For more information on these lovely attractions click on the links below to download a flyer.

  • Cayman Brac Museum
  • Cayman Brac Heritage House

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