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Fishing on Cayman Brac

Fishing on Cayman Brac is a great alternative to a full day of diving or pure relaxation. The call of the ocean and abundant marine life beckon local fishermen and island visitors alike. In the beautiful waters surrounding the Cayman Islands, you’ll find countless tropical fish species and the occasional migrating traveler. The best time of the year for fishing on the Brac is between May and August.

Cayman Brac Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is the most popular type of fishing on Cayman Brac. For years fishing was a way to provide a deliciously fresh meal for your family. Today, that tradition lives on but big game fishing has emerged onto the scene due to the myriad of species that inhabit these pristine waters. In recent decades, fishing tournaments such as the Brac Jackpot, Barracuda Bonanza and Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament now have a regular spot on the Cayman Calendar of Events. Anglers looking to hook their next big conquest view the Brac as the perfect venue for big game fishing at its best.

Types of Fish on Cayman Brac

Here is a list highlighting some of the most sought-after resident fish species.

Big Game Fish

  • Wahoo known locally as Kingfish
  • Tuna
  • Mahi Mahi known locally as Dolphin
  • Blue Marlin

Regular Fish (& their local name)

  • Trigger Fish – Turbot
  • Sergeant Major – Cock Pilot
  • Barracuda – Barra
  • Parrot Fish – Squab
Local Fisherman with  70lb Wahoo
Local Fisherman with 70lb Wahoo
Local Fisherman with Catch of the Day
Local Fisherman with Catch of the Day

Local Fishing Tournaments

The following are fishing tournmanets that take place with in the Cayman Islands and can be fished in the waters off Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.


For more information on fishing tournament happening in the Cayman Islands, visit

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