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Diving Off the Wall
Diving Off the Wall

Diving on Cayman Brac

The Cayman Islands are renowned as the birthplace of recreational diving in the Caribbean. Our diving history dates back to the late 1950s. Today, Cayman Brac is among the world’s #1 diving destinations.

Cayman Brac – A Diving Mecca

In these cobalt blue waters, expectations are high. With 100-ft.-plus visibility and amazing marine life, you’ll delight in this underwater kingdom. Whether you are looking for shallow or deep wall dives, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer divers all the ingredients for the perfect dive experience.

Lucky for visitors, most of the resorts on the islands can assist in setting up diving adventures for everyone from the novice to the professional. So, make sure you dive on into the pristine waters of Cayman Brac.

Cayman Brac’s Dive Centres

Preparing for a Shore Dive at Radar Reef
Preparing for a Shore Dive at Radar Reef

There are two Dive Centre on the island: Brac Scuba Shack and Reef Divers II.

These world-class dive centres handle most of the diving on Cayman Brac as well as offers visitors an array of services. For your convenience, dive gear is available for rent so you don’t need to bring any bulky equipment with you on your travels.

Shore diving is also an option if you want a more intimate adventure. There are many great sites to do this. Check with the dive staff at one of the local dive centres for a detailed map of these locations or ask for suggestions on where to dive.

Diving Hotspots

Russian Destroyer at Peace
Russian Destroyer at Peace

Boat Dives

  • MV Capt. K P Tibbetts aka Russian Destroyer
  • East Chute
  • Tiara Tunnels
  • Anchor Wall
  • Kissimee

Shore Dives

  • Radar Reef
  • Cemetery Reef
  • Oceanic Voyagers
  • Cayman’s Lost City of Atlantis
  • Buccaneers Inn

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