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Hiking on Cayman Brac

For an up close and personal experience, hiking is the perfect way to enjoy the wonders of Cayman Brac. Birds, reptiles, flora and fauna, scenic and geological sights abound on this little island paradise. All of Cayman Brac’s hiking trails are easily accessible, so you can explore on your own or take along a local guide for a FREE tour of the island hot spots with a trained local Guide.

Trails and Footpaths

Trail to Long Beach
Trail to Long Beach

Ceramic signs at the hiking trail entrances are visible from the roadside, highlighting unique points of interest. Many of the trails have boardwalks that allow you to walk through the forests with ease. For those trails that cross over the Bluff, there are stairways that make the climb a little easier, so anyone can do it.

While on the tour, take a few moments to read the interpretive signs and see if you can identify the many species that flourish in their natural environment. Listen carefully to the mating calls of birds above or the rustling leaves on the ground where hermit ‘solja’ crabs make their journey.

Difficulty Level
Our trails and footpaths are labeled with a difficulty level in our brochures.  The levels are:Easy, Moderate, Moderate to Rough & Rough.
Please bear this in mind when selecting your hike especially if you have children or elderly in your group.

What to Wear

Cayman Brac’s diverse terrain consists of sandy beaches, marshland, limestone rock formations and caves. For your safety, we suggest you do not wear flip flops while exploring the caves and trails on Cayman Brac. Sturdy footing is recommended for hiking the rugged surface of the bluff where our trails have been left untouched, except for the regular maintenance done by our Guides.

Popular Cayman Brac Hiking Trails

Deadman's Point Trail
Deadman's Point Trail

Some of our famous hiking trails include:

  • Bight Road (North/South)
  • Lighthouse Footpath to Little Cayman Brac
  • National Trust Parrot Reserve Loop
  • Peter’s Cave/Peter’s Cave Outlook
  • Salt Water Pond Walk/Boardwalk
  • Deadman's Point Bluff Rd
  • Hemmington Rd

Pick Up a Brochure

All of our hiking trails are labeled in our Nature Tourism brochures and include a brief narrative for each site. Be sure to pick up your free copy when you arrive at Charles Kirkconnell International Airport. Brochures are also available from many of the car rental agencies, Department of Tourism and at various tourist accommodations.

Free Tour Information

For more information on FREE tours, email us at We'd be happy to set up a tour for you to really see Cayman Brac as Mother Nature intended.

Our tours are conducted by Phillip Smith and Nathan Walton, our friendly and knowledgeable local guides.  Let them tell you of the colourful history and culture of Cayman Brac.

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