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Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders
The Bluff-Bluff at Long Beach

Cayman Brac – A Natural Gem in the Caribbean

When it comes to natural wonders, you’ll find them all here on our little piece of paradise. Mother Nature has provided Cayman Brac with one of the most spectacular backdrops to experience nature at its best.

The Bluff

The focal point of Cayman Brac’s unique topography is a dramatic limestone formation that dominates the middle of the island, starting at its highest point on the eastern end of the island at 150 feet above sea level and gradually declining.“The Brac” (Gaelic for “Bluff”) boasts numerous trails and thousands of caves, many of them undiscovered because of the lush vegetation that abounds. This mountainous formation is the highest point on the Cayman Islands.


Caymanite Catboat Replica
Caymanite Catboat Replica

Caymanite is a semi-precious gemstone composed of narrow layers of various colours and varying degrees of hardness. Usually found between layers of white limestone, you will only find Caymanite in its natural state in the Cayman Islands. The array of hues results from metallic compounds typically found in the stone. Manganese dominates in black layers, iron produces red shades, and other metal ingredients including nickel, cobalt and copper can also be found. Over the years, Caymanite has been carved into many beautiful artifacts and souvenirs by local craftspeople. A visit to some of our island shops will prove quite promising when you see the magnificent look of the Caymanite. You’ll be sure to want a piece for yourself. Remember, it’s found only in the Cayman Islands.


Cayman Brac has numerous caves for nature lovers to explore. Many of our caves are not easily accessible, though there are a few that are. These are listed in our Nature Tourism brochures. Some names to remember when going cave hunting are:

  • Peter’s Cave – Located on the eastern end of the island, this cave has provided shelter from hurricanes for many years. Because of its high location on The Bluff, many locals felt safe from the elements. A look through the mouth of the cave provides a picturesque view of the district of Spot Bay.
  • Bat’s Cave – Close to the Public Beach, you’ll have to share the space with some of the local bats. 
  • Rebecca’s Cave – The cave with the most history and a must see having been the refuge for some families during the 32'Storm.
  • Half-Way Ground Cave – More commonly known as Skull Cave because of the close resemblance the cave has to a skull.
  • Nani Cave - Decorated with a spectacular backdrop of stalagmites and stalactites, this cave is located just off of Songbird Drive.  It was discovered by local workers while constructing a new road through the bluffs rugged interior.
  • Great Cave - Situated in the bluff at the end of the road on our dramatic South Coast, this cave will test your agility as you climb the rock and enter the maginificent chamber cave.

Caribbean Sea

Cayman Brac Underwater
Cayman Brac Underwater

While we can’t claim the Caribbean Sea as solely ours, we certainly know that it is one of our greatest assets. The inviting water that surrounds our home provides world-class diving and snorkeling, fishing and many wonderful memories. The Cayman Islands are the birthplace of recreational diving, and it is only fitting that Cayman Brac is one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world.

In recent years, three of our island’s local honourees were named to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. Robert Bradshaw, Cornell Burke and Norbert Scott have been pioneers in the diving industry on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, and continue to be great tourism ambassadors. For more a detailed list of diving and snorkeling sites, visit

Nature Tourism

Nature Cayman

Since its inception in 2000, Nature Cayman has led the way in formally promoting Cayman Brac as a destination rich with natural beauty. Our hiking trails, boardwalks, caves and historic sites showcase many of the natural elements that make Cayman Brac unique.

Local flora and fauna along with over 200 bird species exemplify the vast biodiversity that can be encountered from any location on the Brac. Be on the lookout for interpretive panels and signs that share information about the wildlife and vegetation on the island.

Free tours with trained local Guides are available Monday - Friday (inquire about optional Saturday tours).  For more information on these tours call 345-948-2222 ext 4420, visit or email  You can also contact Nature Cayman through our Contact Us page.

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