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The weather on Cayman Brac is extremely pleasant and relatively predictable. The Brac’s balmy tropical climate and many temperate days can make it feel like summer lasts all year round. Occasionally weather systems pass through, known locally as Nor’easters or Nor’westers, bringing a brief cold front to the island, but the general climate is sunny, warm and inviting.

  • Average temperatures range from 77°F (Feb) to 83°F (July)
  • The rainy season occurs in May-August

The Cayman Islands are located in the Hurricane Belt and you should note that Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30. In past years many hurricanes have passed by, sparing the islands, though we have had our fair share of encounters with these destructive forces of nature. However, the wealth of knowledge, preparedness and resiliency of the island residents have kept Cayman Brac on the map as an appealing vacation destination. For more information about hurricane preparation and protocol on the island, check out the Department of Tourism pamphlets that inform visitors about what to do if a storm is approaching.

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